CO2 Onlus: The Numbers

The Numbers of Co2 Onlus


educational workshops in Italy, Lebanon, Brazil and Cuba, involving over 100 young people from a background of social exclusion. Thanks to the use of innovative instruments such as music and audio-video, the teaching laboratories have touched on issues such as legality, integration, historical memory and ecology.


It has made 7 documentaries, including “Ten stories just like that” by Emanuela Giordano and Giulia Minoli produced by JMovie and Rai Cinema and winner of the special award at the Nastri d’Argento 2018, which tells the true stories of the protagonists of the theatrical show. Previously, it had created “Le Palestiniadi”, winner of the documentary and sport section of the International Festival Sport Movies and Tv, in 2009. It was directed by F. Cellini and realized by Rabih Ahmad and Mohammad El Khatib, two of the recipients of the Co2 course of video journalism in Lebanon.


It has created with the rapper Luca Caiazzo, in art Lucariello, the CD “I nuovi mille”, produced by Sugar Music and whose proceeds have been entirely donated to Fondazione for the promotion of initiatives in favor of legality.


students participated in the project “the Stage of Legality”;


boys from the Juvenile Penitentiary Institutes of Palermo and Airola (Campania) took part in the professional training workshops and one of them took up the job as a machinist at several theaters in Campania.