CO2 Onlus: The Story

THE CO2 ONLUS: The Story

The name of the association emphasizes the opportunities that arise from crises. The CO2 – Crisis Opportunity Onlus was born with the aim of focusing on the underground non-profit world, less visible because of its small and medium size and with lesser media power.

For 10 years CO2 has been working to give voice, through workshops and multimedia trainings, to the living stories of children experiencing marginalization, from the Brazilian favelas to the Lebanese refugee camps. Today CO2 works in the suburbs and in the juvenile prisons of our cities.

CO2 Onlus is based in Rome, from where has activated national and international projects. In Italy has been active in Campania, Abruzzo, Lazio, Lombardy and Sicily, where it promotes projects of social cooperation and audio-visual laboratories. Abroad CO2 operates in collaboration with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Lebanon and Belarus, with decentralized cooperation in Brazil and with Arci in Cuba.

Since 2015, CO2 Onlus has been mainly active with the program “The Theatre of Legality”, an innovative educational work-in-progress representing, at the same time, a training path, a traveling show and a synergy between theatres, juvenile penitentiary institutions, schools and civil society. “The Theatre of Legality” is a national project where culture (theatre) becomes an instrument of education to the law, legal rights and civic responsibilities. For the first time, the program connects major Italian anti-mafia associations and institutions working to recover the memory of innocent victims, and supports those associations working for the social re-use of assets confiscated from organized crime.

The funding members are:

Rachele Bonani, Daniele Ciccaglioni, Giovanna Corsetti, Giulia Minoli, Simon Ever Haggiag e Sara Tardelli.